Travel Essential: Para'Kito Natural Mosquito Protection

One of my travel must-haves, especially when my trip involves beach activities and other outdoor stuff, is a mosquito repellent. 

Being out and about all day, travelers are more prone to disease-carrying insects. But with the rising cases of Dengue and the discovery of Chikungunya, everyone should double up on their protection. 

I started using insect repellent lotions, but I don't really like piling it on my skin with sunblock (plus I always get confused which one to put first lol). Then I used the spray which was nice since it's very easy to apply, but I can use up a bottle within 3 days because of constant reapplication especially when in-and-out of the water.

Before my week-long trip to Myanmar, I was given these Para'Kito clip and bands and was so excited to test them out

 Para'Kito natural mosquito repellent clip and bands

Para'Kito diffuses a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants which naturally repels mosquitoes. However, these oils are very volatile and disperse quickly which has always limited it as a viable round-the-clock solution. With the Para'Kito™ impregnation technology, it allows for the slow release of the oil providing a continuous protection for 15 days.

And because the active pellet does not contain DEET or IR3535 and does not come in contact with the skin, it is very safe for pregnant women, young children and recommended for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations.

Wearing Para'Kito in (clockwise): Putrajaya, Malaysia | Dhammayangyi Temple, Bagan, Myanmar | Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar | Shwe Nandaw Golden Monastery, Mandalay, Myanmar

We took overnight bus trips, arrived in the wee hours in ancient cities and entered countless thousand-year old pagodas/temples, but I didn't have to worry about being protected 24/7 because I wore my Para'Kito bands and/or clip.

Para'Kito loose band (Lizard) and clip in Red 

The pellets are also waterproof, meaning that swimming, heavy rain or any contact with water does not affect the product’s efficiency.

The fun, fashionable wristbands come in a range of bold colors including blue, fuchsia, yellow, orange, black and white. 

New for this year, Para’Kito™’s collection of cool graphic bands bring your wardrobe to life.
 Designed to make a difference, the graphic band is available in Love, Camo, Flower, Paw, Heart and Lizard graphics.

The bands can be worn on the wrist or ankle, day and night to repel mosquitoes.  

Color clips are also available in a range of six colors and can be attached to clothing or hand luggage for a convenient and smart way to fend off the mosquitoes.

Each band or clip already comes with 2 Para'Kito pellets that can last for 15 days each giving you 30 days of protection. Refill pellets can be bought at these stores or online through AVA.


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  1. Inaabangan ko na to in a few weeks or a few months sa blog ni.... #MedyoManggagaya

  2. Hi Mira,

    The band/clip is around P799.00 and the refill pellets for P500.00 (3 pcs). Here's the list of stores:

  3. Travel is so essential in every one life..I also visit so many beautiful place in my vacation...I'm glad that i'm here or find this valuable post at here..Great to see this post..Thanks..!!


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