When I did our Singapore itinerary, a LEGOLAND side trip wasn't included. To be honest, I've read in some forums that it wasn't worth it. In fact, it wasn't also highly recommended by our guesthouse based from feedback of their previous guests. But my companions were eager to visit it because, as they said, we're there anyway...and it'll be an additional passport stamp too.

I know it would be a lot cheaper to take public transportation from Singapore to Johor Bahru, but to save time and for the convenience of the elders hehe, we availed of the bus services of WTS Travel & Tours for SGD20 per head (exclusive of the LEGOLAND day pass at RM140). By the way, the price also includes a RM5 food and drink voucher. I chose this agency primarily because the pick-up and drop off point is the Singapore Flyer. That way, we're hitting two attractions in a day. But if you still prefer to DIY, you can download the directions here.

Malaysia's first international theme park and the first LEGOLAND Park in Asia

I think the reason why most people get disappointed and think that LEGOLAND is not worth it is because they compare it with Disneyland or Universal Studios. First off, it's very clear that this park doesn't have any cartoon characters that we all grew up with nor does it have extreme rides and characters based from box-office Hollywood movies. Having said that, I feel it's unfair to pit it against those two. 

Mom and me with the snoring LEGO guy

My camera was just a month old then so I was super excited to use it and practice my (non-existent) photography skills. Nevermind that it seemed like 40º that day. Armed with my hat and sunnies, I started snapping away. To my horror, out of 300+ pictures, the photo above is the only picture of me in LEGOLAND -_-

We lined up for half an hour, if not more, for a 2-3 minute train ride. So yeah, they weren't kidding when they say 'express'. 


Undoubtedly, the park's centerpiece is Miniland. These are recreations of Asian landmarks (on a scale of 1:20) made using 30 million LEGO bricks! Each landmark has an info box, and with just a press of a button, watch as some parts 'come to life'. Some of my favorites are the Bollywood dance scene in the Taj Mahal, the dragon dance in Beijing, and water spouting from the Merlion.

click image for bigger version

TOP LEFT: Taj Mahal, Agra, India
TOP RIGHT (clockwise): Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia; Hall of Supreme Harmony, Beijing, China
BOTTOM RIGHT: Karaweik, Myanmar
BOTTOM LEFT (clockwise): Patuxai, Laos; Merlion Park, Singapore; Hoi An, Vietnam; Wat Arun, Thailand

Bolinao, Philippines

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Other Malaysian landmarks: Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and Port of Tanjung Pelepas
Pirates! Arr!

I think I spent probably an hour or more just taking pictures of MINILAND. If you take a closer inspection, you'll be doubly impressed. Even the tiniest details are just amazing.

Reminds me of Enchanted Kingdom's Jungle Log Jam :p

Moving on to explore the rest of the park, we passed by the Land of Adventure which consists of Egyptian- and jungle-themed attractions. I'm not a big fan of theme park rides so forgive me if I can't share information about that. Let's just say do not set your expectations too high. Definitely not as extreme as the ones in Universal Studios, but at least the whole family can enjoy it. :)

Imagination - this area is more for the true blue LEGO fans. You can build and play with LEGO bricks here.

Okay, so this is the part where I lost my companions...or as my mom puts it, uhm...they lost me because I was too busy taking pictures. They were ahead of me and I know where they were headed so I was surprised when I got to the Observation Tower and they were not there. Well, I waited for half an hour or so but saw no signs of them so I just went on exploring the park on my own.

LEGO Kingdoms

I went to LEGO Kingdoms since this was just beside Imagination. Strolled for a few minutes and when I didn't see them there either, I figured I better go back to the Observation Tower before going back to the entrance.

360º view of LEGOLAND
TOP: The Dragon - probably the most 'extreme' ride in the park.
Lower right: Project X - this one boasts of an 18-meter high drop.
Some of my favorite LEGO creations

Still no signs of my companions, I had a snack at The Cafe then strolled again. This time around, I found some of them and got told that my mom was waiting for me at the park entrance. So I went back to 'The Beginning' where I saw her speaking to a Park Ranger. She was asking for a public address system because I was 'lost' BAHAHAHA! Needless to say, she looked worried and furious at the same time.

If you'e like me who grew up with toys like Play-Doh (oh, how I love Play-Doh!) and LEGO bricks, then better bring your kids here. Those days, kids' toys were meant to encourage and develop kids' creativity and imagination, unlike in today's world where kids are so used to 'playing' with just their...uhm, index finger. 


You can view more LEGOLAND photos on my Facebook Page. And while you're at it, please 'Like' the page too. Many thanks! :)


  1. Awesome pics. Miniland is too cute. Natuwa naman ako sa Bolinao, Pangasinan. :) 'Not a fan of extreme theme park rides too, so di ako malulugi pag pumunta ako dito.

  2. Thanks :) Yup, sulit rin naman kahit di ka mag-rides kung ang habol ay mag-picture picture. For sure, ququota ka hehehe

  3. huwaw! bucket list... lakas maka-proud ng Bolinao! Proud Pangasinense...hehe! <3

  4. Bucket list talaga? haha

    Taga Pangasinan ka nga pala at kagagaling lang ng Bolinao hehe

  5. oo... bucket list namin ni Ken ang legoland teh... at bongga talaga na anjan Bolinao ah...teehee

  6. Legoland is like a must visit place for anyone coming to malaysia. Visiting legoland is always a great memorable experience.


  7. hmm..i'm thinking if i will do a sidetrip to legoland when i go to Singapore next year. thanks for sharing these photos!:)

  8. Hi dear, we're staying in malaysia overnight. any recommended hotels or place to visit before we head to singapore the next day?

  9. Hi Karren, I only stayed in KL for a day, too. Here's what I did:

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  14. Hi, did you book and pay online?

  15. Hi,

    No, I didn't book online.

    The bus service we paid directly at the WTS office (Singapore Flyer) then bought the park ticket onsite.

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