Exploring Indochina: Phnom Bakheng Sunset

Our last stop for the day was Phnom Bakheng to catch the sunset. It was already 5:00 PM and if you've been keeping tabs, yes, we've been out exploring the temples for 12 hours already!

Phnom Bakheng is another temple mountain and is dedicated to Shiva. It is located atop a hill and was a good 10-15 minute hike. We lined up and waited for our turn. They only allow four people at a time to climb the steep stairs.

Just like Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng is also a representation of Mount Meru. It is a pyramid consisting of six tiers.
Just like lining up for a roller coaster ride :p
Going up was not as hard as I thought, but I was doubly careful when we went down.
One of the five sandstone sanctuaries
Dense jungle

It was a long day indeed. And as the sun sets, I felt lucky to have witnessed it in such a historic place. Cliche as it may sound, moments like this are priceless and reinforces my desire to see more of the world. 




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