Exploring Indochina: Angkor Wat Sunrise

Like most travelers to Siem Reap, I looked forward to the day when I can finally witness the famous Angkor sunrise.

The night before, I asked the Ta Som Guesthouse staff what time the sunrise is and he told me 5:00 am. We got up by 4:00 am, but the staff were still asleep. Apparently, we had miscommunication and we're supposed to leave the guesthouse by 5:00 am. *facepalm*

Anyway, come 5:00 am, it was now really time to go. We rode our tuk-tuk and before we know it, we were already cruising along Charles de Gaulle Road passing by swanky hotels on the way to Angkor Archaeological Park. The weather was pleasant since it was still dawn. I enjoyed the cool breeze and the smell of the trees while passing by other tourists who preferred to bike or even walk.

After a few minutes, we reached the ticket office. We bought the one day pass for $20 each and had our pictures taken. 

From this point on, all roads seem to lead to Angkor Wat. Dozens of tuk-tuks, cars, and busloads of tourists were all heading in the same direction it almost seemed like a pilgrimage.  

Then there it was...the five Angkor Wat peaks peeking (oh yes, I wrote that intentionally :p) from the horizon. And as we set foot on the causeway, there was a sense of peace. I may not be spiritual, but I definitely appreciate serenity.

Along with the throng of tourists, we patiently waited for the sun to come out.
And there she was
Almost magical when her golden rays breathe life into the dull stones

It's not everyday that you get a chance to watch the sun rise from the world's largest religious building (and UNESCO Heritage Site to boot), so this is definitely one for the books. :)



  1. Love the sunrise in Angkor Wat! The sunset in Phnom Bakheng is also good to experience... The second and third photos are superb! :)

  2. Hi Bino, we actually witnessed both the sunrise and sunset on the same day. :) Going to the top of Phnom Bakheng was already an experience in itself haha.

    I had to make the most of my P&S camera. Must have taken 20 shots of the same scene haha but regardless of the equipment, I believe it would've come out perfectly. The sunrise is simply gorgeous. :)

  3. haha,., the view from Phnom Bakheng is worth the trek. :)

    Wow! Now I'm impressed, knowing that it was taken from a P&S camera... Galing! Looking forward to more of your photos. :)

  4. salamat! :) I'm still hoping to buy a DSLR though hehe

  5. Love your pictures! I've been to angkor wat and had a struggle taking sunrise pictures. You make it look so effortless. :)


  6. Wow thanks for the compliment. :) You have no idea how many pictures I had to take just to get the best one :)

  7. when I went to the sunrise the sun sadly did not come out because of the clouds :(


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