Hong Kong-Macau Series: Ocean Park, The Peak

On our last day we went to Ocean Park and The Peak.

From TST Exit B1 -> alight at Admiralty. Follow the signs 'Bus to Ocean Park'. Take Bus 629.

We arrived just in time for the park's opening. 

Sculptures by artist Adriana Korkos

I can't believe we missed the Grand Aquarium! :( I later found out that this is a new attraction since the park underwent renovation.

I think the giant pandas lured us into going here first!
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!" - Agnes, Despicable Me :p

Ocean Express was under maintenance that day.

We also checked out Amazing Asian Animals, Giant Panda Adventure and Goldfish Treasures, walked the Emerald Trail, and watched Emperors of the Sky bird show.

At this point, the kid was already bored and wanted to go to the Summit Rides so we took the cable car. 

The view from Pacific Pier; the extreme rides. I'll pass, thank you very much.
Had lunch at Cafe Ocean instead while the others rode the Dragon and Abyss.
We met up again then went to Mine Train and Raging River.

Took one of the tallest and longest elevators in the world and went back to Ocean Theater just in time for the show.

Afterwards, we went to the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium and Sea Jelly Spectacular.

Satisfied with the rides, we decided it was time to say goodbye to Ocean Park and head to our next stop: The Peak.

Again, we took Bus 629 back to Admiralty -> took the MTR to Central -> followed the signs to the lower Peak tram terminus.

It was a long walk from Central station to reach the terminus so another option is to take Bus 15 from Admiralty which will take you straight to The Peak Galleria. You can then just take the tram back to the lower terminus. 

Bank of China Tower

There was already a queue when we got there. We got roundtrip tram ride and Sky Pass. For adults, it's HKD56 and HKD26 for kids. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, the tram arrived and we were lucky to get seats on the right side because this is where the view is. The way up was really steep with the tram stopping for a few moments for the tourists to snap pictures of the view, I guess? 

After a few minutes, we reached the Peak Tower and immediately you'll pass by The Peak Market. We bought some souvenirs here. We also decided to have dinner first before going up the Sky Terrace.

I think we went up four floors to reach the Sky Terrace and boy, there were lots of people during that time. They say that the view is better at night with the buildings all lit up, and they were right. 

Too bad it was unbearably cold and even coupled with gusts of wind, so we're not able to stay here very long and literally just snapped a few shots. Hurriedly went back to the terminus and in a minute or two, we were already back to the lower terminus.

We were supposed to take the Star Ferry back to TST and watch Symphony of Lights, but just decided to head back to the hostel to pack our things since we're leaving the following day. 


  1. Lovely night shots aboard the Peak Tram.

    The last time I was in HK was in 1993, and I've forgotten most of the Hong Kong Island leg of our four-day trip. Seeing your photos inspires me to take another shot at visiting the Peak. :)

  2. WOW!!! im would love to see that Panda there!!!

  3. go! go! go! before they become extinct :p

  4. I wonder which is the better option to do...Ocean Park first then The Peak or The Peak - Ocean Park :)

  5. It's a tossup, really. The Peak kasi is beautiful both in the morning and at night, then sa Ocean Park naman meron na ata silang lights and fountain show pag gabi. :)


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