Hong Kong-Macau Series: Ngong Ping 360, Tian Tan Buddha

On our second day we went to Ngong Ping then Disneyland.

We woke up at 7:00 am, had breakfast at McDonald's since there's only a handful of fast food chains open 24 hours or at least open very early in the morning.

Again we took TST Exit B1, rode the MTR using the following route:

TST (to Tsuen Wan) -> change platform at Lai King (to Tung Chung) -> alight at Tung Chung

Travel time is about 40 minutes. It's also important to note that this is the normal route. Others mistakenly take TST -> Central (since it looks closer to TST on the MTR map) -> Hong Kong to Tung Chung. I read somewhere that there is a long walk from Central to Hong Kong when taking this route, so save yourself the agony and change platform at Lai King. 

Anyway, we arrived at Tung Chung Station around 9:00 am and the cable car was still closed so we did some window-shopping in Citygate. The mall is already open, but shops are still closed and usually opens 10:00 am or 10:30 am. Good thing we decided to go back to the cable car around 9:45 am as there was already a queue. By 10:00 am, they already allowed people to go up the ticketing booth. 

I originally wanted to take the cable car going to Ngong Ping Village then just take the bus back to Tung Chung but realized it will take more time (45 minutes one-way) so we'll have less time for Disneyland, so we got a round trip standard cable car ride instead. For ticket prices, you can check their packages here. One-way cable car ride takes 25 minutes. 

Some pictures of/from the cable car:
I think there are 6 cable car stations (?) from Tung Chung and we crossed about 3-4 mountains LOL. Twenty five minutes later we reached Ngong Ping Village, passed by the souvenir shop and saw our uber-expensive photo (HKD98 for the picture alone, and HKD298, if I'm not mistaken, for the picture and the snow globe). 

Took some pictures with the Giant Buddha in the background. 
Strolled some more until we reached the piazza where we found a hawker. 
Finally it was time to see Tian Tan Buddha. I did not bother going up the 200+ steps and was contented taking its picture from below. I just used my camera's zoom function. :p
After returning to Tung Chung, we went back to Citygate to buy some Crocs :p. It really is way cheaper here. I got my Farrah Wedges (in Oyster) for only HKD158 (roughly Php1,000) which is sold in the Philippines for Php2,850!
Then off to Disneyland we go!


  1. wah i want to go there too. pasaway na cable car bat ngayon pa sya nag-maintenance kung kelan papunta na kami dun!! huhuhu

  2. Hi Joan, yeah I think yan nga yung hassle minsan when you have limited time tapos may ongoing maintenance. :( Sayang kasi worth it talaga siya mapuntahan. Which reminds me, we were in HK exactly a year ago today! :D


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