Hong Kong-Macau Series: Ladies Market and other haul

After we got back from Macau, we took a breather at the hostel then went to the night market in Mongkok called Ladies Market.

We took TST -> Mongkok. We got a bit lost since we took the exit pointing to Shantung Street and walked further away from the market. I tried asking the locals but just as I was about to open my mouth, they're quick to shake their head hinting they can't speak English. I guess that's part of Hong Kong's charm. You're kind of worried about getting lost even though you know that you don't have to. As long as there's a MTR exit, you'll be able to go back to your hotel. ;)

Anyway, 5 to 10 minutes later we finally reached the market. It's an alley full of stalls that sell everything from toys to clothes to bags and even home decor. Some say this doesn't even beat Divisoria :p but if you want to give your friends and loved ones pasalubong from Hong Kong, then this is the place to be.

Haggling 101: Instead of asking for a discount, bid for half the price right away!

Scenario: (haggling a BEN10 shirt & short combo)

Me: How much?
Vendor: HKD110
Me: I get two for HKD100 (spoken in broken English!)
Vendor: No, no! One HKD110
Me: *shakes head, walks away*
Vendor: Ey! Oke, oke! I give two for HKD100. Only for you!


BEN10 shirt & short combo (originally HKD110 per set)

close up
Hannah Montana towel (originally HKD49; I got it for HKD35)

Was also able to buy tights for HKD20 (forgot to take a picture)

Other purchases not from the night market:

3 HK shirts for HKD110 from The Peak Market
3 executive pens with Hong Kong engraving from The Peak Market, HKD100

Note: You can't haggle at The Peak Market.

Crocs Farrah Wedge in Oyster from Citygate, HKD158
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Shower Gel 200ml from Sasa, HKD48
Orange Avenue UV Color Lipgloss from Sasa, HKD19.9
Pink Dolphin plush from Ocean Park, HKD69


  1. i got the same black shirt, was ablet to get it for 4 for 100hkd sa night market, tawad kung tawad din ako! haha!instead of the shower gel, i got EA's green tea perfume for hkd100 (100ml), super cheap, it was on 75% off yata that time, super hoard ako kase fave scent ko yun. sad hindi ako nakabili ng crocs, hindi kase kame masyado nakagala nun sa hongkong. i super like farrah.=)

  2. hindi ako masyado nakabili sa night market kasi wala ako masyadong nagustuhan hehe para sa mga pamangkin ko lang yung binili ko.

    grabe sa Sasa, yung mga Php5k na perfume dito..nasa Php3k lang dun! Sa Crocs naman we got 4 pairs for only Php3k in total. Eh pag dito one pair lang yun for that price!

  3. Gusto ko din bumili ng crocs at EA! Haha. Napakaconvincing ng pagtawad mo haha!

  4. ganyan daw talaga style :p funny dahil dito sa Pinas nahihiya ako tumawad pero dun garapalan lang haha

  5. Galing mo namn tumawad! We'll go to HK next month sana makatawad din ako ng malaki sa mga pamimilihim ko. hehehe!

  6. hi anney: may nakapag-tip kasi sa kin na makukuha mo naman talaga for half the price yung mga bilihin dun hehehe


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