48 Hours in France

Two days is certainly not enough to discover a new country, let alone even put a dent on its shiny surface. Having said that, attempting to see France from top to bottom in 48 hours will always be an unequal struggle for the first-time visitor.

Instead, with its reputed cultural heritage, great cuisine, good weather and numerous attractions, I would strongly suggest these villas in the south of France, like Toulouse in South West France, as an ideal getaway for that perfect weekend French holiday.

The Toulouse – Blagnac international airport is well connected with several airlines from different parts of Europe. The airport is conveniently situated a mere 10 km from Toulouse city center, making access quick and easy.

Day 1 – Morning

Place du Capitole (Photo credit: Ignis)

Toulouse lures the visitor to France like no other city primarily because of its rich culture.

As you step out of your hotel into Place du Capitole, the main square of this laid-back city, the splendor of the Capitole square itself will leave you mesmerized. Hidden behind the 18th century facade is the exquisite terracotta colored architecture, courtyards, and galleries packed to the hilt with ancient art.

Day 1 – Afternoon

Head to the main shopping street on Rue d’Alsace Lorraine, and discover a 14th century monastery full of murals and religious scripts. The principal museum of fine arts, Musee des Augustins, is situated nearby and is marveled for the fine Gothic exterior, while the interiors and the chapels house a large number of sculptures and paintings dating back to the 14th century.

Photo from augustins.org

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Everland Resort | South Korea

We went to Everland Resort, South Korea’s largest theme park, on our fourth day.

Just like Petite France and Nami Island, it is located outside of Seoul, so we availed a shuttle service. I was originally looking at Klook’s Everland shuttle bus service, but since they don’t have pick up in Myeong-dong, I went with Daesung Tour instead.

When we arrived at the park’s public parking lot, we just transferred to Everland’s own shuttle, and within 10 minutes, arrived at the theme park. I presented the Klook e-vouchers on my phone, and the staff just scanned the bar codes and issued our tickets.

everlandIt had been sunny the first 3 days we were in Korea, but it was gloomy the whole time we were in Everland, which was fine because it complemented the Halloween theme.


We decided to explore Zootopia first.

From Global Fair, we rode the gondola called ‘Human Sky’. Its operation was temporarily suspended later on in the day because it was raining.

We really enjoyed our ‘safari’ ride at Lost Valley. We rode an amphibious vehicle and got to see camels, elephants, flamingos, zebras, and giraffes among others. It was a really fun experience! See video below.

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Petite France + Nami Island Day Tour

We went on a day trip to Gapyeong County on our third day in Korea after spending our first 2 days in Seoul.

I booked Klook’s Petite France and Nami Island tour. Booking through the website was very straightforward, and I received the voucher within a few hours while the Everland vouchers were instantly sent to my inbox. I was even surprised that they gave further discount coupons after my purchase!

petite france nami island

Our driver/guide, June, arrived in Myeongdong at the scheduled pick up time. I showed him the e-voucher on my phone, and off we go.

Booking a private tour was a good decision because we’re a group of 4 with 2 senior citizens. Our ride, a KIA Carnival, was very spacious and comfortable that my mom dozed off on the way to Petite France.  😀

petite france nami island
Petite France just opened when we arrived, so we had the place to ourselves for a while.

We arrived after a smooth 1.5 hour drive.

June bought our tickets, handed us a map of the place, and briefly explained the different areas of the ‘village.’ He then left us to explore it on our own.

petite france nami island
I was a bit worried at first because it was cloudy when we arrived, but the sun shone brightly after a few minutes.
petite france
“Antiques Flea Market” or Antika

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