Travelling to the UK – 6 Things to Try

Over the past few decades, the UK has become seen as one of the trendiest places in the world to visit. With the range of amazing activities to get involved with, it’s not hard to see why.

Today, let’s run through six of the best things to try when you visit Britain yourself in the near future.

1. Stonehenge

This ancient structure has been shrouded in mystery, but it’s generally believed to have been constructed as far back as 3000 years ago – at least according to the English Heritage, who are the current tenants of the property.

While you’re no longer able to walk up to the rocks and clamber all over them (as was the case as recently as the 90s), you’ll still be able to admire them from a distance.

Image Credit: Nell Howard

2. Sightseeing in London

You’ve probably developed an image of London as one of the greatest hubs of world culture if you’re not from the UK – and, truth be told, there’s certainly something to that.

There are lots of amazing things to get involved with when you head off on an adventure in the British capital from checking out sights like the London Eye, to the many (free) museums which the city has to offer.

3. The Food

British food receives a bad rep across the globe, but is in reality one of the most delicious cuisines you’re likely to experience in all of Europe. Sample the delights of dishes like a full English breakfast, toad in the hole, and the classic fish and chips.

Just don’t expect these meals to do your waistline any good. As TINZ point out in their guide on how to stay fit when travelling, a single portion of fish and chips can contain as many as a staggering 838 calories (nearly half the recommended daily intake for a woman).

Image Credit: Alpha

4. Pub Crawl

Does it get any more British than trawling through busy streets at night on a drunken crusade? While the Brits might be lampooned for their binge drinking habits abroad, there’s a subtle charm to it when done in moderation.

A pub crawl sees people stumbling from one pub to the next – taking it one drink at a time on a mass jolly-up. You’ll meet some amazing people and make memories which last for a lifetime.

5. Country Parks

There are a range of beautiful national parks all across the world, but the UK definitely stands out when it comes to the selection available. Staysure provide a list of some of the best around, but in reality, there’s pretty much no end to the amazing places worth trying out.

Whether you’re looking for large scale spot of natural greenery to explore across an entire day, or simply somewhere to stroll through in a matter of minutes, the UK has something which caters to all tastes.

Image Credit: Mark Seton

Have these ideas whetted your appetite regarding a potential visit to the UK? Try one of these activities for yourself when you arrive for your next big trip.


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