The Cheap Guide to Travel

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It can be hard to stick to a budget while travelling, but once you know the basic tips to keeping your money under wraps, you’ll be wondering what to spend your spare cash on.

Don’t Go to Popular Places

You may have already guessed this, but the more popular a destination is, the more expensive it is to travel around there. If money can be made out of more people, why wouldn’t the prices be hiked up?

It’s like going to a theme park in peak season. There are cities all over the world that haven’t been discovered as much as their more popular cousins, so try these out before heading off to do exactly the same stuff in just a different, more expensive place. Take a look online for countries that you haven’t heard of or haven’t considered taking a trip to. These can often be the hidden gems that you never knew you were looking for.

Keep Your Luggage Light

A lot of the cost of traveling, especially on cheaper flights, is made up of luggage allowance that is bought as an extra. Hand luggage usually comes in with the price of the flight, so if you can get everything that you need into a bag of that size, then go for it- it’s actually bigger than you may think.

If you are travelling for not very long, this could be an ideal solution for saving money. We tend to take a lot of unnecessary items with us on trips as it is, so get down to what you know you’ll utilize and leave all of the other things behind. It’ll save you carrying a load about, plus it’ll be less money handed over to the airline.

Make Sure You’re Covered

The biggest cost that you can incur when you’re out traveling is that of medical expenses.

Getting ill in another country can be an extremely costly affair, especially if you are going to pay the hospital or a doctor a visit. Taking out international travel insurance usually helps to cover things like theft of items you’ve brought with you, loss of your belongings, and also helps to cover your expenses if your flight is delayed or there has been a problem with getting back which hasn’t necessarily been your fault. You will need to look for the policies that have the medical insurance added in, or buy it as an extra to make sure that you are fully covered.  

Keep It Close

Traveling doesn’t mean that you have to take a flight somewhere, although this is usually the case in most instances.

The country that you live in could have just as much to offer to you as anywhere else – and think about the tourism trade that it brings in already. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own country. It helps that you may be able to drive to destinations or catch public transport, but this shouldn’t put you off flight travel if that’s how you are more willing to get from A to B. It could save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have friends and family who are dotted around who you could stay with.

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