Five Reasons to Make the Romantic Road Your Next Trip

Romantic Road Germany
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If you’ve got a spare couple of weeks and you fancy getting off the beaten track and hitting the road, there can’t be many better European road trips than the Romantic Road through Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Named because of its original use by Roman soldiers as they marched through Europe, it’s a popular honeymoon destination by complete coincidence. The stunning scenery, beautiful castles, and interesting cities make it the ultimate road trip.

1. You’ll fall in love with the scenery

When you think of Germany, you might not think of tree-lined roads, great, towering castles, and beautiful river views, but with the Romantic Road, that’s exactly what you get. Located in southern Germany, it’s off the heavily beaten tourist track of the north, although it’s not surprising that it’s growing in popularity. The medieval cities, churches, and castles dotting the dramatic, hilly landscape make the route truly unique.

Rothenburg Romantic Road Germany
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2. The locals are super hospitable

If you’ve never been to Germany, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Their approach to tourists is much like their approach to everything: upfront, fair, and efficient, and they’ll make sure you have a great stay. If you’re travelling from outside of the EU, you might need a visa waiver or Schengen visa to travel within Germany and Europe, so be sure to check out to find out more. Otherwise, it’s easy to get to – a flight directly to Wurzburg or Munich should do the trick, or you could drive in if you would prefer. And every hostel, hotel, campsite or castle you stay in will welcome you with open arms and some local wine.

3. You have a great choice of accommodation

Whether you want to camp along the way (the economic option) or you want to be put up in castles and stately homes as you go, or you would prefer to mix and match, you’ll have a world of options available, for every possible price tag. You can stay in bustling cities or remote, forest locations, the choice is entirely yours.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
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4. You can’t miss the Neuschwanstein Castle

If you’ve never seen a true fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein Castle will take your breath away. Technically marking the very end of the Romantic Road, it rises up high over the surrounding forests and dramatic landscape, looking more like something from Beauty and the Beast than a real life fortification.

5. The local food and wine are to die for

German food can get a bit of a bad rep, but the food and wine in the areas surrounding the Romantic Road are stunning – you can even stay at the vineyards and get full tours and wine-tasting classes around the medieval wine region of Wurzburg. The food of the region is traditionally German, but the restaurants and bistros take it to the next level. Expect fish from the nearby River Main, and meat from the surrounding farmlands in hearty, wholesome, and exceptionally tasty dishes.

The Romantic Road is a once in a lifetime road trip destination. With stunning scenery, super friendly locals, and delicious food and wine, it even makes the perfect romantic getaway.

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