Traveling the UAE in Style

When it comes to traveling, a lot of people think that it is best to set a meager budget and to stick to it. Although this is a good idea as traveling on a budget makes for a good experience and is an obvious way to save money for other traveling adventures, sometimes there is no harm in stretching the financial limit a bit further and going the whole hog. And where better place to go all out in regards to style and luxury than the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is one of those places in the world that you can’t just travel to for a quick getaway: when you go there, you really have to go there. What this means is that, realistically, you can’t shirk on any expenses and you have to spend whatever it costs to be able to optimize fully your enjoyment whilst staying there.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Something to invest in is a safari trip and tour of the sand dunes in Abu Dhabi; a visit to the UAE is incomplete without one. You are taken on a drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and straight to a hot desert where you can see the wonders of the sand dunes – something you’ve probably only ever seen before on TV documentaries or in movies. You are then treated to the finest of debacles that Abu Dhabi has to offer, including Arabic coffee, tea, and dates. And what trip to the desert is complete without riding a camel? All of these unforgettable experiences are then topped off in the evening by a Tanoura dance show. So, in order to really feel the culture of Abu Dhabi and the whole of the UAE, you really have to be prepared to spend on days such as this.

Rolling Sand Dunes Of Abu Dhabi
The rolling sand dunes of Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Dubai

And once you’re done with that, you should then make Dubai your next destination on your trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE and it is well worth you joining that population (for a holiday, at least) and immersing yourself in all of the rich activities that take place there.

You can try for yourself what it is like to live like the rich and famous by partaking in activities such as visiting the world famous Dubai Mall. Now, this might seem like something you wouldn’t want to do as it’s just a glorified shopping trip that you could do anywhere else in the world; but this, however, is the wrong assumption as shopping, and the Mall in particular, are a huge part of the culture in Dubai. The Mall is like a small city and houses around 1,200 retailers, 200 eating and drinking outlets and a whole host of different entertainment options.

And once your day of shopping is over, you’ll need a good rest in any number of the luxury hotels on offer in the city so that you are ready for all the activities and adventures waiting for you in the next day, which could include you deciding to rent a yacht. You can relax as you ride the white waves of the Dubai oceans in luxury; this is a perfect option if you are still tired after all the shopping you did the day before.

Marina Yacht Club Dubai

The UAE is not the kind of place you can travel to if your desire is to act frugally; to fully immerse yourself in the rich culture, you have to be prepared to part with your money. But that is what money is there for, right? To be spent on life-enriching experiences.

Always remember, traveling in style is never a sin despite what any traveler may think or even say. If you want to trade the hostels for luxury hotels every once in a while, you do it!

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