Embark on a Happy Life Discovery in Asia

For many, happiness is something that you pursue in the knowledge that you may never taste it. Visitors of the Asian continent share a different opinion. They have experienced the perspective of a broader horizon; they have seen natural beauty that they didn’t know existed before; they have met amazing people who showed them a new taste of life.

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Pack your luggage for a new adventure

Whether you are a backpack adept or a tour lover, visiting Asia is one of the best gifts that you can make to yourself in a lifetime.

With 48 countries in Asia, you have a lot of choices to start with, but you also have a lot of opportunities to discover new lifestyles and new life philosophies that will upset your view of the world for good. Many find a new life balance on their way back from Asia. They have discovered in themselves a peaceful strength that was never there before. Asia changes people for the best. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Asia.

The Happy accident

It is odd to think that there is in Asia a country that is called the Happy Accident, but let’s be honest: Once you know about it, you just want to go and see it with your own eyes. Happy Accident or serendipity comes from the word Serendib, which used to be an old name for Sri Lanka. And indeed, there is a feeling of happy luck in the place, and you can find that most people are trying to organize their life events according to their horoscope – it doesn’t always turn out right. But nevertheless, if you are looking for your own piece of luck, why not give the island of the Lions a chance?

If you are not sure how to navigate your way through this beautiful country that is opening to the tourist industry, have a look for guided Sri Lanka holiday packages that can take you through the wildlife and the urban side of Sri Lanka over a week or two. Whether you are after a nature tour or a spiritual holiday, there will always be something to suit your needs.

Meditate Your Way Back to Peace

You don’t need to go to Sri Lanka to appreciate the feeling of peacefulness in most Asian countries. You can find many places to find peace during your holiday, and most of them will depict a portrait or a statue of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Buddha. Buddha is the Awakened One who sees things as they really are. As a result, those who embrace the Buddhist spirituality shows great wisdom and compassion, and are renowned for bringing the good around them. While you may not be a manifestation of Buddha, you can always sit down and take the time to meditate by his side. Shut your eyes, let go of your everyday sorrows, and let the light of Buddha touch you.

A beautiful carved Buddha

Keep Your Eyes Open for Natural Beauty

If you are not one for the spiritual path, you will find that Asia has many stunning, natural landscapes that can still manage to make you forget everything about your everyday stress. From the amazing Plain of Jars in Laos to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, there are more wonders than your eyes can dream of.

plain of jars phonsavan laos
The Plain of Jars in Laos


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