Top Tips for Planning the Perfect History Tour of the USA

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When you consider historical holiday destinations, the USA probably isn’t the first country to come to mind, after all, it was only discovered by Westerners in 1492. But there is still plenty of history to discover – from the pueblos of the Amerindians in New Mexico and Arizona to the beautiful colonial architecture of New Orleans or New England.

Planning a holiday to take in particular historical sites is quite different to planning a trip to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Disneyland – it requires a bit more personal planning and a whole lot more independence, but it can be really rewarding and totally fascinating. Here’s how to plan the perfect historical trip to the USA.

Do Your Research

First things first, you will need to find out which areas interest you. If the pueblos that were mentioned previously are your cup of tea, and you’re keen on the American Civil War, or the formation of the country, head to the southern states of Louisiana, Alabama, Utah, Texas, or other, although maybe not all in one trip, or head up to the Dakotas to understand the Amerindian history and see the breathtaking Mount Rushmore. Prioritizing the sites that interest you most is how you can create a personalized tour that always interests you, as long as travelling between the various places is feasible.

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Choose Your Destination

Once you’ve considered all the places you would like to visit, it’s time to work out how you can visit them all in one trip, and boil it down to the logistics – it is, after all, a vast country.

Considering your transportation is important, including car hire and internal flights – will you travel by road to all the points of interest, or stay in a city as a base and use tours and public transport to reach the sites?  

One popular way to do it is by choosing two states or areas; visit one, fly to the other, and tour that as well. For example, a road trip around Texas, visiting the scientific Houston, hip Austin, and historical San Antonio could be followed by a visit to New York City and a train ride up to Massachusetts and all the colonial history and fantastic beer that it boasts. Once you’ve made the trans-Atlantic flight, it’s important to see as much as you can in that time.

Get Your Legalities Sorted

Visiting the US is a bit more legally complex than a trip over the channel to Europe, and requires a bit of preparation.

For example, if you’re visiting for 90 days or fewer, an American ESTA application has to be submitted, which is a visa waiver which permits you to enter the country and is a legal requirement of your trip.

A good travel insurance policy is also important, especially considering the price of healthcare in the States if anything goes wrong, so make sure you shop around. They will give you a customs form to fill in on the incoming flight, so that requires no prior preparation. Just be ready to answer a lot of questions about your trip at border control, and have the address of your accommodation to hand. They’ll ask to see it.

The USA is a history lover’s dream holiday location, as long as the trip is well prepared and everywhere of interest is covered.

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