Packing Made Easy with Paccube

Like I mentioned here, I like packing because it’s synonymous with vacation and fun! But a recurring problem I have is neatly arranging clothes in my bag, keeping the weight to 7 kilos (or less) and still making sure I have enough clothes to last me the entire trip.
I used to use compression bags. While they’re undoubtedly effective, I often end up having wrinkled clothes so I wanted to give packing cubes a try. However, the ones I see at the mall are a bit expensive so I always put off buying one.

Cutesy packing cube set

I guess lady luck was on my side when I got this packing cube set from Paccube two weeks before I left for my Cebu-Bohol trip!

Mostly made from water-resistant material with mesh feature to allow for visibility (also allowing clothes to ‘breathe’), these packing cubes kept my clothes organized and I know exactly which cube to pull out without rummaging through my things.

So, just how much stuff was I able to fit in these packing cubes? Check this out:

LARGE CUBE: 2 leggings, 2 shorts, 2 dry fit shirts, 2 tunics and 3 dresses
MEDIUM (sleepwear + tops): 2 shorts 8 tank tops

SMALL (undergarments): 10 pieces

Take note: that’s for a week-long trip. Awesome, right? 😀

You can also use the large cube for your pants, jackets, shirts and/or shoes. The medium one for swimsuits, small towels, books, shirts and/or sandals. And the small cube for rolled socks, small electronics and/or toiletries.

When not used in travel, you can also use the cubes to organize your closet at home like for storing bed linens in the large cubes. Talk about maximizing your investment. 😉

Aaand if you think the usual solid colors like black, red and blue are boring, Paccube has several quirky designs to choose from such as Paisely Pink, Cartoon Pink/Black (the one I have), Posh Blue/Yellow, Animal Brown, Polka Blue/Pink and White Heart

Aside from packing cubes, Paccube also offers the following:
  • Shoe bags
  • Toiletry kits
  • Packing folder
  • Bag organizer
  • Foldable tote
  • Knife roll bag
  • Wallet & personal organizers

For orders, simply follow the instructions here.
Tel: (02) 706-1763, +639209027984

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