Casa Ibiza

As soon as you arrive at Casa Ibiza, you will immediately see the colorful villas peeking behind the gates. However, it was juxtaposed against the gloomy skies that day.
Photo credit: Kenneth Villanueva
The guard directed us to the Guest Relations office where we presented our reservation. After letting us choose our preferred breakfast among the 4 options, we were required a Php2,000 incidental deposit. The Guest Relations staff then handed us the key to our villa as well as a room amenities checklist. It would have been nice if the staff walked us to our villa and toured us around the property to introduce the amenities/facilities.
We were given a ‘Grand Villa’: a 3-storey villa with the ground floor being the garage; the second floor as the living room and kitchen/dining area; and the third floor where the Master’s bedroom, two single rooms and two toilet and bath (one being en suite) are located.
Living room with Plasma TV and cable. No telephone and WiFi, though.
Kitchen and dining area
Master bedroom and 2 single rooms (one with pull-out)

While spacious, we felt like the villa has sparse furnishing. The bathrooms should also be aesthetically improved.
We had two balconies overlooking uhm, a subdivision.
Grass Garden

It has an expansive lawn and gazebo for functions. I just wish they maximized this area to provide more activities for the guests. We found Desierta (an obstacle course) at the furthermost part of the resort which looked quite, uhm deserted. Aside from swimming, there’s really nothing much to do but be holed up in your villa.

While the villas are colorful, it lacks character and the mood is generally dull. This was probably heightened due to the fact that it was drizzling for the most part of the day and we were the only guests that time.

Casa Ibiza is quite a distance from the town where most establishments are and since they charge a corkage fee for bringing in food and non-/alcoholic beverages, you have no choice but to dine at the in-house restaurant. It was also quite disappointing that it still took almost an hour for our orders to be served considering we were the only guests.

Lemon Butter Fish and Sinigang na Baboy*
Complimentary breakfast options: Ham, Smoked Fish, Corned Beef or Longganisa – all served with scrambled egg, garlic rice and orange juice. They were kind enough to give us complimentary suman (sticky rice – Antipolo’s native delicacy) for dessert


The food was just okay. It was quite pricey too, but that is somehow expected of in-house food.

Casa Ibiza is a case of ‘expectation vs reality’. The photos look really nice and enticing online (probably because these pictures were taken when the property was still new) but different in real life. Nothing wrong in using great pictures for marketing as long as it represents the current state of the property.
While I do appreciate the generosity of the hospitality industry, I always try to do an objective review for the benefit of my readers. I also hope that Casa Ibiza’s management would use the areas for improvement I pointed out to work on their facilities.
*We paid for our dinner.

Casa Ibiza
Sapang Buho Road, Brgy. Dalig II,
Antipolo City, Rizal 1870
Tel. No.: 482-3487
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  1. Hats off to you, Kat for being fair and honest in your review.

    Wish all matters you pointed out in this post leads to improvement of Casa Ibiza.

  2. I went there two years ago with my entire family– grandparents and all uncles and aunts and their own families. It was our worst hotel experience ever. The beds were dirty, the doors and showers were broken, and the pool was dirty. And worst of all, their service was bad. It took them so long to respond to our needs/complaints. The food also took so long to be served, but then the place was packed so this could be forgiven….until a cockroach was flying overhead which caused quite a panic.

    We were enticed to go to Casa Ibiza after seeing it on Metro Deal with all its enticing pictures which are completely misleading. Never going back.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but I know what you mean.

    I really wish they at least renovate the villas, if not a complete overhaul, considering that their rates are not cheap.

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