Travel Essential: Towelite

I often bring my own towel whenever I travel. I know it’s a basic amenity that hotels/resorts/guesthouses provide, but sometimes, you’re only given one and I don’t think it’s a good idea to use the same towel especially when you want to swim at the pool/beach.
And since I try to keep my things in a single bag, squeezing in a fluffy towel can be quite challenging. Although the one I bring all the time is made of high-density material and is lightweight, it still takes up some space on my bag.
Good thing I found a better alternative in the form of Towelite. It is made of high quality and ultra microfiber; ideal for travel, sports, and outdoor activities.
Body towel when folded
I was surprised when my body towel arrived. It came in a mesh pouch with holder and was just a few inches bigger than a face towel when folded, but its actual size is 24 x 48 inches! It’s half as thick as my old ‘super absorbent’ towel, too.
It says on the instructions to wash it first before using since the color might ‘bleed’ and so I did, and just by wringing it, about 90% of the water was removed and it was only a matter of some minutes before it totally dried up.

I brought it a couple of weeks ago when I went to Loreland Farm Resort with friends and it fit just right my bag’s side compartment.  

Towelite in mesh pouch  
We were swimming at the infinity pool when the therapists arrived for our foot spa so I got out of the pool, ‘wiped’ myself a few times, used the towel to cover my body and went straight to the lounge. And true enough, it is super absorbent that I wasn’t soaking wet when I had my foot spa. We even got caught in the rain on our way back to our room so I used it to keep me…uhm, dry.
I didn’t have enough time to let it dry outside because we were about to check out. So again, I just wrung it, stashed it in its mesh pouch and clipped the holder onto my bag’s front hook. How convenient!

To order, you can send them an email at
Other sizes available are: hand towel (12×24 in), sports towel (18×36 in), and beach towel (30×60 in). Towels come in a number of colors, too.

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  1. i need this kind of towel. my husband and my son swims every week so packing, drying and washing towels are always my concern. I suppose it can be machine washed and dried right? And also, I hope it's affordable. Wink!

  2. I have this one, too but mine's a little smaller in pink. I do agree it's very lightweight.

    Last time I went to Landmark Makati, I saw that they have the towels in their shelves. I'm just not sure if they have all sizes. 😉

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