Singapore Flyer at Night

It was already around 8:30 pm when we got back to Singapore from our LEGOLAND side trip. As I mentioned in that post, the pickup and drop-off point was in Singapore Flyer.

To be honest, I almost didn’t want to include this in our itinerary because I find the SGD33.00 rate steep for a 30-minute ride. But again, I was outnumbered because my companions were eager to try it.
Standing 165 meters tall, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel. It has 28 capsules and each capsule can accommodate a total of 28 people. They say the 28 x 28 has something to do with auspiciousness.

Journey of Dreams

After buying our tickets, we went to the third floor (if I’m not mistaken) where we first entered the Journey of Dreams. It is a multimedia showcase about the Singapore story and Singapore Flyer.

There are 7 galleries in total, but since we only have about an hour or so left before the place closes, we skipped checking out these galleries in detail. Your group picture will also be taken before you can finally proceed to the gondola platform.

The Pandora-ish (Avatar) Gardens by the Bay

If you want to get an unobstructed 360° view of Singapore, it’s actually a very good idea to go here a few hours before closing time. Imagine our delight that we had a capsule all to ourselves! There were only 5 of us, by the way.
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay at night
Blanc et noir
I kept walking inside the capsule taking pictures from all angles. The view was just amazing! There’s lights glistening everywhere. While the city looks kind of dull in the morning, it feels so alive at night.

ArtScience Museum, The Helix Bridge and Floating Stadium

I wish the ride was longer. I’m sure 30 minutes is not enough especially for photography enthusiasts. 🙁

We alighted, and as with any other tourist attraction, had to pass through the souvenir shop where they can plaster your picture on a plate, keychain, snow globe or anything imaginable — which will most likely end up in your mother’s rack of knickknacks gathering dust — then sell it to you at an exorbitant amount.

Other things worth checking out at Singapore Flyer are the ‘rainforest’ right at the atrium, Flight Experience – a flight simulator, a reflexology and fish spa, XD Theater – a cutting edge 6D (take that!) motion ride theater.

And if you ever get hungry, there are lots of food options. Most notable is the Singapore Food Trail which is a 1960s themed food street. Would have loved to try it, but Makansutra was also on the itinerary.
Merlion Park at night

Marina Bay Sands

Just an MRT station away is Makansutra – Gluttons by the Bay where you can have a smorgasbord of affordable Asian cuisine. Believe me, the place is packed even at midnight. It is also a nice vantage point to take pictures of Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, The ArtScience Museum and Helix Bridge.

Another option would be to catch the free Wonder Full – Light and Water Show after dinner at Makansutra before going to Singapore Flyer.

So on your (next) trip to Singapore, I would recommend you include these attractions in your itinerary, and if possible, visit it at night.

Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore


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