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Truth be told, my mom and I had a lot of restaurant options for dinner when we stayed at Parque España, but I assured her that the in-house restaurant, Bistro del Cielo, serves really good food.
When I was still working in Alabang, we held two company occasions here so I already know the quality of the food and I’m glad that, after 3 years, it did not disappoint.
Simple but classy interiors of Bistro del Cielo
Guests also have the option to dine al fresco. This area’s just beside the pool.
Filinvest City at night

The waitstaff immediately handed us the menu as soon as we picked a table. We were then served complimentary dinner rolls with butter after placing our orders. It was also a bonus that a live band performed that night so we didn’t mind waiting for the food — not that it took that long.
Broccoli and Feta Cheese Soup
People who know me know that I don’t eat vegetables, but throw in any kind of cheese as a main ingredient of any dish and it easily becomes a pièce de résistance for me.
Take, for instance, the Broccoli and Feta Cheese Soup that I ordered. Now don’t let the plain looks fool you. This soup packs a lot of flavor. Served hot,  one sip and I immediately tasted the rich flavor of broccoli balanced by the tangy and generous chunks of feta cheese. Its creamy texture complemented the soup’s consistency as well; not too thick or runny. Just right for me.
Needless to say, this one whetted my appetite. :3
Oriental Pork with Nasi Goreng
For the entree, I chose the Oriental Pork with Nasi Goreng. Two generous portions of succulent pork loin glazed with oriental sauce topped with chopped spring onions served with nasi goreng. You can also just pair it with plain rice.
Though the nasi goreng doesn’t look exactly like the original, it’s just as savory. The bean sprouts provide just the right crunch that complemented the tender meat. Interestingly, the chili added just the right amount of spiciness. It’s not overpowering. I loved it!
Pork Kare-Kare
My mom ordered the Pork Kare-Kare (they also serve seafood and vegetable versions). We were both surprised when this arrived at the table since it doesn’t look like the usual Kare-Kare.
The pork skin was crunchy yet the meat itself is tender. The peanut sauce, albeit runny, perfectly balanced the pork’s crispiness. My mom is a really good cook and not easily impressed with restaurant food, but she liked this a lot. It was that good.
Turon del Cielo (à la mode)
The dessert took some time to arrive and when it did, I naturally asked the waiter for the ice cream because it said à la mode on the menu, but he said that’s it. I just let it slide because I was satisfied with the dinner anyway.
I took a bite and it was awesome! This is not your usual turon. Aside from the banana filling, it has ube (purple yam) and macapuno! No wonder it took some time to make. It’s like halo-halo in turon form. Genius! And the chocolate drizzling just took it to a whole ‘nother level. My tummy was more than satisfied. :3
The tab arrived and we paid Php875.00 (already inclusive of tax and service charge), which by my standards, is reasonable enough (almost affordable) given the quality of the food.



I think my mom and I had too much of a good sleep that it was already 8:00 am when we woke up…and the buffet breakfast is only until 10:00 am. Needless to say, Bistro del Cielo was already almost full to the brim when we got there (also an indication of the hotel’s occupancy rate).

Fresh fruits
I wasn’t able to take pictures of the buffet spread since 1) the restaurant is not that big (see first picture in this post) and 2) hello, I don’t want to die from fork stabs. You don’t want to piss hungry people by taking too long in the buffet line.
Anyway, they seemed to have most, if not all, breakfast buffet essentials. You can make your own porridge, there’s plain and fried rice, noodles sausages, fish, Beef Stroganoff, an assortment of pastries, an omelet station, a DIY-cereal and pancake station and, of course, the fresh fruits plus unlimited coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices.
My first plate
My DIY pancake: topped with dried mangoes, raisins and prunes drizzled with chocolate sauce
If you happen to be in Alabang, I highly recommend you try dining at Bistro del Cielo. You will definitely get your money’s worth.



*Complimentary breakfast for 2

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