Ski Lift Etiquette: Making the Lifts a Doddle

It’s not just the hiring of skis and kitting yourself out with thermals you have to worry about when preparing yourself for a ski holiday. You have to give some careful thought about how you’re going to portray yourself on the slopes – will you be a self-absorbed piste hog who shows no consideration for other skiers? Or will you be a chatterbox on the ski lifts in an effort to make new friends? There are plenty of etiquette tips for a ride on the ski lifts and seeing as they’re the things that will get you to the top of the mountain, you’re going to be on them for a fair amount of your time.

Photo from Nielson Holidays
With state-of-the-art ski lifts available in many European resorts nowadays, you will have plenty of ski runs at your fingertips. From family-orientated Soldeu ski holidays to more advanced runs in the Italian Alps, you can be part of a whole network of groomed runs and off-piste trails in no time. Take heed of some advice before you head for Soldeu or elsewhere, to make the ski lift experience a doddle.
  • Keep a close eye on when you’re expected to hop off the chair lifts. If you’re not synchronised, you could end up causing a pile up. It’ll take a couple of times to get used the dismount if you’re a beginner, but don’t let it overwhelm you.
  • Try not to lose your temper when your hands-free lift pass doesn’t swipe properly when it’s supposed to. You will need to take your gloves off, it will be a pain, but it’s not worth the stress levels so just take it in your stride.
  • If you find yourself on a chair lift with people you don’t know, strike up a conversation! Depending on the length of the lift, you could be sat with them for a while – the time will go by quicker, and much more pleasantly, if you make the effort to chat with them.
  • Don’t jump the queue! There’s nothing worse than a queue-jumper – wait your turn, just like everyone else. 
The ski lifts can be an interesting place if you make the effort to enjoy them and you may as well, seeing as you’ll be using them regularly throughout your ski holiday!

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