European Holiday Choices

If you are thinking about taking a European holiday this year, then you will no doubt be wondering where and when to travel to, and how to make sense of the mind-boggling amounts of resorts, destinations and hotels on offer.

Start by thinking how far you would like to travel. If you want to stay within European boundaries then you have a huge amount of choice for simple straightforward sun, sea and sand holidays, and you can refine your choices by various factors such as cultural appeal or local activities.

For instance, if you like to explore rolling countryside and vineyards, then try a Portuguese or French resort. There are many different regions in France which cater for a variety of tastes.
If you fancy a jet set week, living the high life and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, then the city of Cannes will be the perfect location. Or for a simple beach holiday with the family then Brittany can entertain you with its endless coastline and beautiful scenery. France is a great country that’s packed with heritage, culture and history, and makes a memorable break at any time of year.
If you want to travel to a classic holiday hotspot then the obvious choices would be Spain or Greece.
Once again, depending on what your preference is with regards to your resort and nightlife then this will guide you to your perfect destination. The Costas are excellent for sun-seekers and package holiday traditionalists, whether it’s a family or a retired couple. Alternatively, head to the Balearic Islands for rich diversity and holiday choice. For instance, Ibiza is the party capital and Menorca is a quiet nature-lovers’ island.
To get the most from your holiday, it is well worth booking through a tour operator. For instance, search the Thomas Cook website or pop into a high street shop to book a cheap Thomas Cook holiday – there are plenty of them about and it could save you a small fortune. It all helps to make things that little bit easier, and puts you one step closer to a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.

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