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Finding budget accommodations in Singapore can be quite challenging. While there are plenty of options, expect that the term ‘budget’ means rates are still relatively higher compared to other ASEAN countries. It is, after all, a first world country. Add to that the challenge of traveling with a group. My mom and I traveled with our neighbors so we had a total headcount of 7 pax.

Luckily, I found Footprints Hostel. For only SGD20.00 per head per night, we got a family room. Originally, it can only accommodate 6 pax, so my mom and I just shared a bed. And by the way, the rate already includes breakfast. Sweet!We arrived on a red-eye flight (above photo was taken on our last day so ignore the time) so we just rented a 7-seater taxi from Changi for SGD60.00 – a Mercedes van, by the way!

The modest, but chic, common area.

After settling payment for the duration of our stay and a SGD20.00 deposit for the room key, Francis — the receptionist on duty who happens to be Filipino — handed us our linens and pillow cases; the code for the door access control; and WiFi password.
They don’t have a lift, so it was good that our room was just on the second floor. The elders didn’t have too much of a hard time going up-and-down. :p

Even though I’ve been traveling for years, and this being my third time in Singapore, it was the first time I stayed at a backpacker’s hostel so my expectations were not very high.

The room was not as bad as I thought. It doesn’t feel cramped. In fact, we had more than enough space to walk around without bumping into each other. :p

Of course it’s a no-frills room but what’s important is it’s clean. The A/C works well. There’s even a back-up wall fan in case you find the room temperature not cool enough.
The mattress’ firmness is also just right. My companions always had a good night’s sleep. I also like that each bed has its own power outlet, reading light, and a small ledge where you can put some of your stuff.
The lockers are also big enough to fit a backpack.
Just bring your own padlock.

Naturally, staying in a hostel means you will be using a shared or common bathroom. What’s good about this hostel is that while the bathrooms are shared, men and women’s are still separate.

Each bathroom has three cubicles for toilet (and with bidet, at that!) and three shower stalls. Showers are equipped with hot and cold water, and the water pressure’s very strong too. Girls need not bring their hair dryer because it is also provided.

I should say that the bathroom is well-maintained too. I’ve observed that they clean it at least twice a day.
Breakfast area’s wall with messages from previous guests
As I’ve mentioned, breakfast is included. Guests can choose from toast with butter and jam (at least three flavors) or cereal (at least two kinds). There’s also free coffee or tea. Hot water is also available for your instant noodles. Sometimes, there’s even fresh fruits too! Just don’t forget to clean as you go.
Yes, the breakfast is not much but filling nonetheless. In fact, it was enough to start the day. Saved us a meal! And come on, for SGD20.00 a night, how can you complain?

Other amenities include a ‘mini mart’ where you can buy chips, instant noodles, toiletries and whatnot. If you’re not feeling too lazy, you can walk a few minutes to the nearest 7/11. They also have four desktop computers that guests can use free of charge for 20 minutes. There’s coin-operated washing machines and dryers on every floor too.

The hostel is located in Little India and is not hard to find at all since it’s a huge building at the corners of Perak and Dickson Roads. It’s a few minutes walk to the nearest MRT station, though. It’s also worth mentioning that Sim Lim Square a.k.a. technophile’s heaven is just a few minutes away.
Just take note there were a couple of times when the cab refused to drop my companions right in front of the hostel. They had to walk a bit from the main road (Sungei Road).Traveled with:

  • 6 adults; 5 females, 1 male
  • Age range: 4 adults in late 50s to 60s; 2 adults in early 20s

Footprints Backpacker Hostel Singapore
25A Perak* Road Singapore
Phone: +65 6295 5134
Click here to reserve a bed/room


*pronounced as ‘pera’

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  1. I've always wanted to try Footprints! Would you know if they allow kids in? Cause a lot of hostels in SG don't 🙁

  2. Yeah, I know most hostels don't allow kids. 🙁

    But I found this on their website: 'Children below 16 should be accompanied by an adult. If you have young children traveling with you, please call or email to inform us first.' 🙂

  3. Thanks! Naku, I dunno. SG lang kami nahihirapan humanap ng hostel na tumatanggap ng chikiting.

    Anyways, thanks again!

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