Cork: Ireland’s Best-kept Secret

Cork is one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland and now more and more people are finding this out for themselves. With cheap flights and fantastic accommodation such as the Travelodge hotel near Cork Airport available all year round, it’s easy to see why people are shunning other parts of Europe to take a city break in Cork.

For a start, you couldn’t find a friendlier place to visit if you tried. The locals always have a kind word or a smile for visitors and there’s an open door down every street, whether it’s a pub, bar, restaurant or café.
Locals are more than happy to point you in the right direction of the best place for a pint of Guinness or the tastiest food in town, while the sociable nature of the Irish in general always means you’ll get into plenty of conversations and find out a lot of local secrets about what sights to see while you’re there.
If you love music, the arts and a bit of culture then Cork is also the perfect destination for your next weekend away. There is live music everywhere, from traditional Irish bands playing into the early hours in a cosy pub, to contemporary dance music around the club scene and world music – you won’t struggle to find something you like. Cork is a popular student town and so is great for a night out with a burgeoning and vibrant music and arts scene.
Blarney Castle
One must-see part of Cork is definitely Blarney Castle. A beautiful old building which dominates the nearby skyline and looks just like something out of a fairytale. If there’s one place you visit during your time in Cork, this is it. Take a tour around the grounds and soak up the atmosphere as you walk the same corridors and paths that medieval Irish noblemen and women took many years ago.

As you can see, there is plenty to keep you occupied in Cork and this blog is merely scraping the surface. The only way you’ll get to know the real Cork is by taking the plunge and visiting for yourself so get booked up now and see what this wonderful city has to offer.

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  1. i've been seeing cork (and galway) through my malaysian students who are currently continuing their medical studies there as part of twinning program that they're having with our school here. and yes, there are a lot of castles and shorelines filled with breathtaking views.

  2. Have you been to Ireland? I've never been outside Asia (I've never even been outside the country, hahaha). For now, Europe sounds soooo distant. I wonder if I'll be able to visit it someday. Eggzoiting!

  3. Oh no, never been outside of Asia…yet. 😉 This is a guest post, so there hehe

    Backpacking Europe has been on my bucket list forever hehe Wish ko lang magawa ko na siya sa 2015 😉

  4. Aah savings. what's that? lol that's why the plan keeps on being pushed year after year after year lol We need lots of moolah for that. You know how hard it is to get a visa as a Philippine passport-holder. grrr

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