What is a Cruise Holiday?

Cruise holidays are, without a doubt, a unique way to explore the world. Most cruise operators provide lavish getaways with a whole world of choice at each passenger’s fingertips, offering a wealth of different restaurants, fun-filled evening entertainment programs and fabulous on-board facilities ranging from swimming pools and spas to sports courts and designer shops.

Most large-scale operators offer all inclusive cruises as standard. That is, customers will enjoy a wide choice of cuisine all day every day and the use of most facilities at no extra cost. There might be specific amenities that are subject to supplements – such as a first-rate restaurant, access to a club lounge or spa treatments, but most facilities are available on an all-inclusive basis. In most cases, drinks will be supplied at an extra charge – again, depending on the cruise operator you opt for — but you can also choose to buy an all-inclusive drinks package on most ships.
Some of the latest ships are impressive affairs that feature a fabulous array of on-board facilities. For instance, if you book Oasis Of The Seas, you’ll be presented with such fantastic features as swimming pools and spa treatments, sports courts, high street shops, cinemas and theaters, children’s entertainment, and even rock-climbing walls! It’s cruising at its most contemporary and is attracting a wide variety of passengers who might not normally consider a cruise holiday – such as families with children or young couples.
Of course some other cruise holidays are more basic, and offer much less in the way of lavish facilities or on-board entertainment. In most cases, these cruise operators focus on getting from A to B and giving passengers plenty of time to enjoy the destination rather than providing an over-abundance of facilities and entertainment on-board. As a result, these cruises are often cheaper and suit those looking for a simple, enjoyable holiday where they can kick back and relax.
And after all, isn’t that what a holiday is all about?

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