Eat, Pray, Shop: Malaysia – Pinang Peranakan Mansion

After our instant walking tour of George Town, we finally reached Pinang Peranakan Mansion an hour before noon.

This mansion is a typical home of an affluent Baba (Nyonya or Straits Chinese) — though owned by Kapitan Cina Chung Keng Kwee (who’s not a Baba himself) — recreated to give visitors a glimpse of the opulent lifestyle in those days. Its architecture and design is a hodgepodge of Chinese carved wooden panels, English floor tiles, and Scottish iron works. It’s also a popular filming location for movies and television series.

The mansion’s side profile visible from the street
View of the second floor from the central courtyard with open air well

The first floor consists of the following areas: Central Courtyard, Game/Music Room, Western Dining, Study/Dining, Traditional Main Hall, and Dining Hall (Nyonya Tok Panjang). There’s also an external annex that houses the kitchen, and a secret passage outside that leads to the Chung Ancestral Temple. 
Inside the Study/Dining area
Check out the beautiful glass panels
Impressive marble sculpture in the study/dining area
Unfortunately, there were tour groups at the time of our visit, so to avoid the crowd, we decided to check out the second floor first.
NOTE: You have to take off your footwear before going up.
The second floor consists of the Family Hall where commissioned paintings of Kapitan Chung’s parents and grandparents are displayed; three galleries called bridal chambers from different eras of the 1900s to the 1950s; a gallery dedicated to glass Epergnes; and the Back Hall. Also displayed are the porcelain and jewelry collection.
I played with the 60s filter so I can blend with the setting. :p
The glass Epergne room
Reminds me of the glassware collection in Bangkok’s Vimanmek Mansion.

Bridal Chamber c. 1930 – 1950
Bridal Chamber c. 1900 – 1920
Jawdropping jewelry
View of the Traditional Main Hall from the second floor

Closer view of the Traditional Main Hall

Behind the colorful glass panel is the Western Dining area
At the external annex near the kitchen
From the external annex, we took the secret passage which led us to…
Chung Keng Kwee Ancestral Temple’s courtyard
Chung Keng Kwee Ancestral Temple’s entrance
Collage of my favorite carvings 
(Clockwise) One of the ceramic figurines in the temple depicting dramatic scenes from Chinese legends;  close up shot of the intricate wooden carving on the door above; metallic carving on one of the furniture; wooden carving embellished with gold leaf on the main hall panel. 

It’s quite obvious they really put attention to every single detail in this house. Every nook and cranny is photogenic. It’s definitely a visual feast! Though we had a hard time finding its location, this place is certainly worth visiting.
By the way, six of the staff here are Filipino. 🙂 There’s also a gift shop near the main entrance of the house. 
29 Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Visiting hours:
Daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Adult: RM10.00
Child: RM 5.00 (below 12 y/o)
(Child below 6 y/o – FREE)

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  1. Nice post, Kat! Pinang Peranakan is one of my favorites in GeorgeTown. Heritage,opulence and tradition all under one roof. Ive visited it and featured on my blog a few times already, it's better than watching junk movies actually! Glad you went there too!

  2. hi kat! nice post! glad you went to pinang peranakan mansion; it's one of my favorites in george town! heritage, opulence, history all in one roof! i've been there several times and would not mind revisiting it again! i've featured it too more than a couple of times i think on my blog. going there i think it's better than watching a junk movie! 🙂

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