It’s More Fun in Palawan: GoHotels Puerto Princesa (Review)

For our accommodation, I was very lucky to snag GoHotel Puerto Princesa’s introductory rate of Php88.00 per room per night – well Php98.56 if you include the tax but it’s still friggin’ less than a hundred pesos per night! 😀 I’ve stayed in their Cybergate branch twice so I already have expectations and this one did not disappoint.

 Beautifully lit facade 
 Front Desk
 I’m not really a fan of green and yellow but they made it work.

It gives this common area a cool and soothing vibe.


Other room amenities include LCD TV with cable and electronic safe. I also like that they have a wall-mounted coat rack (as seen from the mirror).

Bringing of food and drinks inside the room is prohibited though. You can only eat in the common area.

Bathroom is also pretty much the same as the one in Cybergate except for the ceiling-mounted rain shower (that’s aside from the one pictured above).

Overall, I can definitely say we got waaaay more than what we paid for. 😉

On another note, since this was our last night in Palawan, we headed to Kinabuch’s for dinner after freshening up.
 Crocodile meat – Adobado style
Fresh tamilok (wood worm)
Just for experience :p
I know it’s not my most flattering picture, but you have to give me props for trying. Yes I slurped the whole thing. They say it tastes like oyster. I wouldn’t know because I don’t eat oysters. :p It was okay, though, it does have this distinct aftertaste. 
Gah! Four days was such a short time to experience everything that Palawan has to offer. If time and money is not an issue, this is definitely the province I will keep going back to. 🙂


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  1. Wow! That's a very good deal! Hope I would also have the chance to stay in a comfy room for less than a hundred pesos! 😀 I admire you because you are so adventurous with food. I don't think I can eat wood worm. o__O

  2. Hi, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question because we were not able to do the Honda Bay tour. 🙁

  3. Hi Karla, watta deal talaga! hehe

    Actually I read somewhere that Tamilok is actually a mollusk that's why it tastes the same as oysters. I think one reason they call it wood worm is because, well, it can be found inside wood (mangrove) and it looks like a worm. So there. :p

  4. Hi i was just wondering if where you booked ur tours for palawan? Does gohotel have this kind of service for tours? Do u advice to booked it in advance, or pwede na dun sa hotel mismo. Kc sa website nila room lang walang tours included. And is the location of the hotel ok? Lapit lang ng restaurants? Thanks much!

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