My New Travel Buddy

Ever been on a long-haul flight on coach? How about on a 13-hour bus ride crossing borders? Or perhaps you’ve stayed in a spartan guesthouse?

Being a budget traveler, you might have experienced any or all of the above at some point. I did. And though I’m used to sitting long hours, it’s still uncomfortable when you cannot fully stretch your legs or properly rest your neck and/or back to sleep. 

One of the things I regret not bringing in our recent Indochina trip was a travel pillow because I thought it would just take up space. And while inflatable neck pillows are great, I don’t think they can provide lumbar support when needed. Now when it comes to guesthouse/hotel pillows, they can also be a hit-and-miss and can sometimes give you a hard time sleeping unless you’re too tired to care. 

Good thing I received Nilo Pillow (the travel pillow) shortly after Christmas!

It’s so cute and fluffy! Nilo Pillow is a Pinoy character with quirky design that will surely catch the attention of fellow travelers. 

Starting this year, Nilo will now officially be my travel buddy so watch out for it in my future travel reports. 🙂


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