Hong Kong-Macau Series: HKIA, TST, Nan Lian Garden/Chi Lin Nunnery

Our ETD for Hong Kong is at 8:25 and since we’ll be coming all the way from Laguna, we left around 4:00 am and arrived at NAIA 3 before 5:00 am.

First we paid the Philippine travel tax of Php1,620 (adults) and the reduced travel tax for children of Php1,010 (50% less, plus Php200.00 processing fee). Then we presented our passports and receipts at the counter, checked in and got our boarding pass, paid the Php750 terminal fee, filled the departure card and proceeded to the immigration counter. I was not asked by the immigration officer and she just stamped my passport, passed through scanner and waited at the gate for boarding time.

Two hours later we landed at HKIA. We went downstairs to take the train that will take us to the other building where immigration is. After falling in line for 10 minutes or so I reached the immigration officer, asked me how many days I was staying and stamped my passport. After immigration, we passed through the ‘No items to declare’ hall and had lunch at Maxim’s.

The food was quite disappointing; a complete meal but was rather bland.

Mine: Fish Fillet, Scrambled Eggs, Macaroni Soup, Bun with Butter and Milk Tea (HKD24)

Mom’s: Congee, Fried Noodles, Lemon Tea Sausage, Roast Chicken (or duck?), Bun with Butter and Milk Tea

After lunch, we bought our Octopus cards from the customer service counter at HKD150 (adult; HKD50 deposit and initial load of HKD100) and HKD70 for child. Then we just followed the arrows pointing to ‘Buses to city’, fell in line at the A21 stop, hopped on the bus and tapped our Octopus card at the scanner near the driver’s seat (HKD33 to TST).

From the airport, it was about 40-45 minutes before we reached the 13th stop, literally walked a few steps and we reached Burlington Arcade. Take note that there’s Burlington A and B inside this building. So if you’re checked in at Taisan, they are on Burlington B. Upon entering the Arcade, turn right when you see Opal Mine and take the lift to 15th floor (last floor).

When we arrived, our rooms were not yet ready so we went to Wing Hoi first to change our USD to HKD. Wing Hoi is located inside Mirador Mansion which is just walking distance from Burlington. Exchange rate that day was 1USD=7.78HKD.

We went back to Taisan and I was a bit disappointed because it seems that their booking is not organized. Even if I reserved 1 twin room (with two single beds) and 1 triple room (1 double and 1 single bed), they gave us one room with one bed (seems like 2 single beds put together) for the 3 of our companions and my mom and I were assigned to the ‘penthouse’. Yes, the room is literally on top of Burlington Arcade. My mom and I had to go through the narrow and very steep stairs to get to the room. The room only has one bed but we were able to fit in it so no big deal and it has a bigger bathroom than the first room they gave our companions. In fairness, the room and bathroom is clean with computer and TV. They also provided towels, hangers, toothpaste, disposable toothbrush and liquid soap and shampoo.

After resting for about an hour, we already decided to go to Nan Lian Garden. TST Station Exit B1 is literally a stone’s throw away from Taisan Burlington. Within a minute, we were already on the train. This is the route we took: from TST station -> got off at Mongkok and changed platform to Kwun Tong line (green line) -> alight at Diamond Hill station. Follow the signs going to Chi Lin Nunnery/Nan Lian Garden and you will see Plaza Hollywood when you exit. Again, follow the signs and you’ll see the entrance of Nan Lian Garden.

Here’s some pictures from Nan Lian:

We took the same route going back to Taisan. We were supposed to stroll around the area for Avenue of Stars, Heritage 1881, Clock Tower and watch Symphony of Lights by 8:00 pm but my companions were already too tired and wanted to reserve their energy for Disneyland the following day so we went back to Taisan.
BF and I on the other hand strolled along Haiphong Road to look for ‘dai pai dong’ but found none. We went inside one of the small restaurants instead. Too bad I wasn’t able to get the name but they serve really good food. See pictures below.
After dinner I decided to go back to the hostel while BF wandered along Nathan Road to look for his MP3 player. The following day I found out he reached Yau Ma Tei by foot and took the MTR back to Taisan haha

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  1. i didn't enjoy my hk trip that much. mas love ko macau. kami naman ng bf ko, nilakad namen mula Tsim Tsa Tsui hangang Dorsett Kowloon which was in Tai Kok Tsui. Kaloka! LOL

    super organized ng trip mo sis, ang galing! =)

  2. hi. do you happen to have a picture of your hostel in the penthouse? my friends and i will be sharing the same room you had this coming november. how was your experience?
    we are really looking forward on this trip. your blog is really helpful. thanks.

  3. Hi franz, sorry I don't have a picture of the room on the rooftop of Burlington arcade. The room can comfortably fit only two people. Medyo scary dun sa taas kasi pag na-lock kayo sa room, walang ibang way para makalabas. So if possible, request other rooms.

  4. tumawag ako sa taisan guest house ung penthouse lang available room nila, we are 2 adult and 1 child, ok lang ba ung rooms para sa amin, 450HK dollar/per night ung rates na binigay sakin for May 3 to May 6, any comments patulong naman po kung mag down na ako for my reservation

  5. Hi Judelyn, unfortunately hindi ko na-picturan yung rooms sa Taisan and it's not really a penthouse but more like additional room na nasa rooftop. Medyo mahirap i-describe kasi parang 2 rooms yun na kailangang dumaan ka dun sa isa para makarating dun sa room kung saan kami nag-stay. Okay naman yung room. Bigger ang bathroom compared sa ibang rooms sa mismong building but ang concern namin was one time ni-lock nila yung door sa other room na dadaanan namin so kung magka-sunog or something, we have no other way out kaya nakakatakot.

  6. I think kasya naman kayo dun sa rooms kaso I wouldn't really recommend that room for safety reasons. Did you ask them if may available rooms sa other branches? Yung Harilela branch nila is the newest among three branches.

  7. tnx for the info, nilipat kami sa Granville Branch May available na triple room (1single bed, and 1 double beds) ok ba sa granville Branch?

  8. Hi just want to ask, sa tai san din kasi kami nakareserve, which is more advisable dalhin, small size luggage or kaya naman na medium size? We will be staying there for 3 days and nakareserve kami sa rooftop. Thank you.

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